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  • Auxiliary materials
    • Cleaning agents
  • Raw materials
    • Polyether ketone (PEEK)
Cleaning Compound 420 ° C 3 D printing
Cleaning compound extrusion based 3D printing

High Performance PEEK Resin Our PEEK products are divided into high, medium and low melt viscosity grades according to their melt viscosity. Typical grades include 330 series, 550 series and 770 series. The products include PEEK pure resin powder, granules and reinforced composite resin ...more

Cleaning Comoundd high temperature
Dreychem GmbH, a leading supplier in the field of cleaning granulate for many years, continues to set standards in the industry. With its own production in Germany and a protected own brand, Dreychem has established itself as a reliable partner for cleaning granulate. Special strengths ...more