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Product overview

Raw materials
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

  • Coating compounds
  • Compounds
  • TPE compounds

Product Innovations

ProvaMed® TPE for drip chambers

Prior to the development phase, manufacturers of medical products preoccupy themselves intensively with the materials to be used. And PVC has proven its value for many medical applications. However, this material has become controversial due to the problems associated with plasticizers, among other things. Alternative solutions are represented by ProvaMed® TPE D1341 TP, D1345 TP and D1349 TP for drip chambers. These materials represent a safe solution for the high demands on performance and safety of medical products and permit the manufacture of drip chambers which are free of plasticizers.
Apart from absolute harmlessness for health, drip chambers must also feature excellent transparency accompanied by a good balance of flexibility, rigidity, and recovery capability.
Transparency is one of the key words for guaranteeing impeccable optical control of the drip process as well as swift and easy adjustment of the fluid level. ProvaMed® formulations have been developed in line with these requirements.
Sterilizability is a must-have. The standard sterilization processes with ethylene oxide (EtO) and gamma rays are applied without impairing the material properties or bonding functions between the drip chamber and the tube. Sterilizability was tested by an external, independent company
And an excellent solution has also been found for the aspect of bonding ability by the drip chamber and the tube. One which has been examined in an extensive range of tests featuring the solvents used most commonly in medical technology. This applies for both the bonding capacity of a PVC tube with a TPE drip chamber and for the TPE-based tube with a TPE drip chamber.
Other advantages of the ProvaMed® products referred to above include their pleasant haptics, well-balanced degree of rigidity and recovery capacity, optimized material flow, and very good processing properties.

ProvaMed® TPE for drip chambers
Alternative solutions for drip chambers: ProvaMed® TPE

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