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The AL-IN consists of the Nd: YAG laser source AL combined with the X, Y, Z movement system AL-T Basis and is available with 120, 150, 200 or 300 W.

The system is characterized by its great flexibility.

The components can be positioned flexible around the movement system, because a wide variety of work tables can be placed in front of the lifting column or you can work on the pallet straight away. A fixed table top is available as an option.
The resonator can be swiveled through 360 ° and fixed in any swivel position. The resonator, which sits in a slide rail, can also be placed far forward or moved up and down using a tilting joint (optional).

The special thing about the AL-IN is that it is not the workpiece that is moved, but the resonator. The axes are moved through the joystick, the touch display or the AL-DRIVE control unit (optional). The display can be adjusted in angle or even be removed completely for free use close to the welding process. The touch display gives you access to several apps to support you and make welding easier:

- User coordinate system for easy welding on inclined planes
- App for surfaces and rotational components
- Control for the ALPHA LASER wire feed AL-DV (optional)

You configure the system according to your needs:
As another option there are LED lenses, rotary axis, operating unit, connection for cooling (not necessary during normal operation), multifunctional foot switch

The AL-IN is flexible, mobile, stable, versatile, retrofittable and equally suitable for small and large components.

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Product group:

Welding machines


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AL-CROSS mobile fiber laser for precision welding

With the new AL-CROSS welding laser, ALPHA LASER has implemented what was on the customer's wish list: robustness, mobility, dynamism, user-friendliness and various storage options - and this of course in combination with a powerful laser.
The set-up time from plugging in the system to starting the weld is extremely short.
For mobile welding, it is important that the machine can be loaded and transported quickly and safely. The AL-CROSS offers a robust housing with sturdy aluminum handles for increased impact protection of the edges. There are also integrated fastening options and a winch eyelet for easy loading and lashing. The laser welding machine fits in every van with a loading height of 1.4 m.
A very flexible working area is guaranteed by the movable laser arm, which can also be used for small welding work overhead if necessary. But work close to the ground can also be carried out. The tilt-swivel optics allow the laser beam to be positioned at the desired location on the workpiece so that it does not have to be moved.
Welding can be done either in pulsed or in CW mode. A fiber laser with 450 W constant laser power ensures a reliable weld pool. The welding behavior of the laser can be influenced via integrated pulse shapes. The welding parameters are set either via the HMI color display, the multifunction footswitch or the joystick AL-DRIVE. The multifunction joystick AL-DRIVE makes work easier for the operator in many ways and is equally suitable for left and right-handers. By the way: the AL-DRIVE was awarded the German Design Award.
Generous storage areas and special brackets on the hole pattern of the housing ensure order and quick access to wire and tools and a small trailer enables a gas bottle to be transported directly in the work environment.

AL-CROSS mobile fiber laser for precision welding
Mobile Welding Laser AL-CROSS

Product group:

Welding machines


Ms. Claudia Thornton