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Product overview

Peripheral devices
  • Silos and silo discharge aids

Semifinished goods, precision parts and reinforced plastic products
  • Storage and transport containers

Product Innovations

Flex silos are in demand where bulk materials have to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely

The A.B.S. silo and conveyor systems presents flexible storage solutions. This includes the in-house storage of bulk materials such as plastic granulates in special Flex silos or Flex containers. They adapt to the local conditions instead of wasting valuable space. For the user, the design enables problem-free transport, simple assembly and good flow characteristics. No complex foundations are required. Components such as level indicators, control, conveying and dosing technology can be integrated without any problems. Turnkey total solutions are supplied.

The production process is considerably optimised by internal storage. Since Flex silos are located in a hall under the same room climatic conditions, the drying and heating effort is reduced and ensures consistent quality of the stored product. With external silos, on the other hand, weather-related temperature fluctuations often lead to the formation of condensation water or strongly fluctuating material temperatures.

- Maximum utilisation of space, i.e. large storage capacity with low space requirements
- Low dead weight, therefore no expensive foundations required
- High strength values and resilience: at least 7-fold safety on seams and fabrics - the technicians
at A.B.S., the silos are manufactured with an average safety factor of 12
- Optimum run-out properties
- Selection of the fabric exactly according to the requirements of your plastic product
- No condensation, therefore increased process reliability
- Can also be mounted in places difficult to access
- Easy to transport and simple to install
- Can also be equipped with effective discharge aids
- No separate building permits for outdoor silos and no expensive foundations are required.
Furthermore, the overall visual impression of the company building remains unaffected.

Flex silos are in demand where bulk materials have to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely
Flex-Silos and Flex-Container

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Further machines


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