9. July 2024

Round table discussion “Digitalisation – top or flop? Which tools really help the plastics industry”

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The panel will discuss how far digitalisation has progressed in the industry and what potential remains untapped. It will also identify how digitalisation can contribute to solving the challenges facing the industry – efficiency, sustainability and the shortage of skilled workers.
Digital tools can significantly support the circular plastics economy. What concrete impetus and ideas already exist? What prerequisites are missing for a real breakthrough?
Digitalisation has often become part of everyday life in modern plastics processing. Which digital methods are now making production-relevant data usable? What role do AI-based evaluations and AI-supported methods play in simulation, production and process optimisation?
Ultimately, end-to-end digitalisation enables complete transparency of production processes and material cycles. What specific data and findings are valuable for supporting the goals of sustainability, profitability and efficiency?

The event will take place on
15 October 2024, at 4.00 pm.

The panellists are:

  • Prof Dr Braungart, Founder and Scientific Managing Director of BRAUNGART EPEA, Hamburg
  • Philipp Lehner, Chief Executive Officer ALPLA Group, Hard, Austria
  • Guido Frohnhaus, Managing Director TECHNIK ARBURG GmbH + Co KG
  • Prof. Dr Hans-Josef Endres, Institute for Plastics and Recycling Technology, Leibniz University of Hanover
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Seul, Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences, Professor of Production Engineering and Tool Design

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Lüling, Managing Director of Kunststoff-Profi Publisher and editor-in-chief of the trade magazines K-PROFI and K-AKTUELL