6. February 2024

Fakuma 2024: Focus on Efficiency

Fakuma Internationale Fachmesse für Kunststoffverarbeitung wittmann 240206 uai

Michael Wittmann, President of WITTMANN Technology GmbH, Vienna (photo: Wittmann)

Efficiency in terms of materials, energy and operation – this is currently one of the plastics industry’s top priorities and will be the focus of attention at Fakuma 2024. Michael Wittmann, president of Wittmann Technology in Vienna, has reserved space in his calendar for the industry highlight in autumn 2024. An exclusive statement.

“Fakuma is one of the world’s most important trade fairs in our agenda. It’s managed to retain its relaxed atmosphere, even though it’s becoming more and more important at an international level. Typical Fakuma visitors are highly qualified, thus making it possible to engage in especially intensive, top-quality discussions. The event’s location in the tri-border region ensures a strong thematic focus on the requirements of the trade fair visitors. Innovations are showcased – market-ready innovations that yield immediate benefits for business operations.

Efficiency will be a key topic at Fakuma 2024 – from a variety of perspectives. Increased efficiency in terms of materials and energy consumption is crucial, as is the efficient operation of production systems. In light of current shortages of qualified personnel, consistently high levels of quality can only be achieved reliably and efficiently with easy-to-use control systems and digital assistance. Our innovative strength is the key to successfully tackling current and future challenges.”